Halloween Sugar Cookies

Here is what we used to make Halloween cookies.

Make more than enough cookie dough to create all your favorite shapes. It is better to have too much, than too little.
You can always freeze the dough and use it for your Christmas cookies.

Have a few helping hands.

Use wax paper on the table or counter. Roll the dough out on a flat, floured surface.
Have extra flour available.

Add extra flour to the dough until it is no longer sticky.
This avoids having to keep it chilled before making your cookies.

Have your cookie cutters and food coloring handy.
Things get pretty messy.

Add several drops of food coloring to some of the dough and knead it in.
We used green for some of the Frankenstein heads.

This gets messy. If you do not want the color to go onto your hands, wear disposable plastic gloves.
We used 2 drops of red and 5-6 drops of yellow to make our orange dough.

Use a rolling pin & your hands to flatten the dough.

Cut out shapes with your cookie cutters.
Keep all the SAME shapes on ONE cookie sheet. Different shapes/sizes bake at different rates.
Small shapes need less time in the oven. Larger shapes will take longer to bake.
We baked all of our cookie in a 350 degree oven. we did not use a timer, we watched them, checking the oven every five minutes.
Take them out BEFORE they turn brown.

It is best to use a spatula to transfer the cookies onto a cookie sheet.

With the extra pieces of cookie dough, we made little pumpkins.

We added face parts to some our Frankenstein heads by using small pieces of the dough.
Remember the size expands while cooking, so a small nose could come out large after being in the oven.

The Frankenstein heads are ready to go into the oven.

Here are the Frankenstein cookies after baking for 15 minutes.

Our Pumpkin turned out great.

Here are the pumpkins we made with the extra cookie dough scraps.

And here are the Cats, Bats, and Hats.

We baked large and small sized ghosts.

Now to decorate!
Clean up your area before you start.

Divide some white frosting into small glass bowls and mix in food coloring.

Use candy for eyes, nose, mouth and hair…
attach with a cmall amout of frosting.

Add hair and eye brows by cutting shoe sting candy into small pieces and attach with frosting.

Cut licorice bites in half for eyes.

Here are my Frankenstein cookies.

Be creative.



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One thought on “Halloween Sugar Cookies

  1. Love the idea of coloring the cookie dough! Why didn’t I ever think of that?!? I never have the patients to decorate that many cookies! Started following you on Instagram. Love the fun things you do with food! As a mother of 4 I also enjoy playing with food! The little ones always seem to eat better when the food is FUN!

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