Carving Pumpkins: Easy to make Jack-O-Lanterns

I used 3 pumpkins in 3 different ways.

The first pumpkin I carved using a paper pattern.

Here are the steps I used:
Wash the pumpkin with a soapy rag & towel dry.
Cut open the top.
Clean out the insides (seeds & mush).

Attach the paper pattern with tape.
*patterns are available to print out online, out you can buy a book at most grocery stores

Poke small holes with the tool from the carving set (this comes with pattern books).
Trace over all the lines on the paper pattern by poking small holes.

If you do not have the tools that come with a pattern book, you can use kitchen utensils.
I used this.

FYI: the small cutting tools that they sell for pumpkin carving are WORTH every penny!

Once you have traced all the pattern lines, remove the paper.

Carve along the dotted lines and remove cut out pieces.
I like to leave the pattern close by so that I have a reference to use while I am carving.

I added a small skeleton toy to fill the open space on my carving.

I used 3 tea light candles in this jack-o-lantern.

The second pumpkin I carved by drawing a design on with a sharpie.

I cleaned the pumpkin the same way that I did with the first one.

Then I drew a skeleton face onto the pumpkin with a sharpie.

I carved along the outer parts of the lines so that there would not be any marker left on the jack-o-lanterns face.

*side note: If you cut too much of the pumpkin, you can use tooth picks to hold it together.

The third pumpkin I painted & decorated with plastic spider rings.

Here are the steps that I used:
Paint the pumpkin white and wait until it dries.
Mark the spider web marks with a sharpie (not necessary).

Paint over webs with black paint.

When the webs are dry, use a knife to make small slashes in the pumpkin where you want to add spiders.


For more fun pumpkin ideas, read my other Halloween blogs.

Last year I carved this pumpkin. And painted these.

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